Driver’s Ed



ing out of a tight squeeze

space needs a driver’s seat full attention.

Look, rely

ing solely on that backup camera

video is a dangerous game. 


ing back over your shoulder


ing who’s got your back

is a shield safe

for reverse

ing carefully.

If the coast is clear,


ing back into mainstream traffic

then shift

ing into drive

away fast gets you out of that tight squeeze.


once you’re on your way

don’t look back.


A banana moon hung with Venus

in the west 

constellations etched among stars.

The street lamp glow stained a long shadow

across the grass where I stood to wish

you were here with me

and I would not be afraid alone

under this massive expanse of starry sky.

The night’s minutes waned

as the moon lowered yet another wish not granted 

below the horizon.

Heartache spilled sorrowful tears. 

Coydogs struck a fearful chord

as their plaintive howls set the scene to music.


There was baseball in the September of ‘73.

Pitchers, catchers, infielders, outfielders

down on the farm team entertained 

major league hopes of clinching the pennant.  

Triple-A fans in the stands 

stood ankle deep with peanut shell floats on a river of spilled beer 

and punctuated performances of players on the field

with an alternated chorus of cheers and jeers:

Cheered for the line drive shot into the outfield.

Cheered for that blistered off the wall double.

Cheered for the sacrifice fly – one run, tied score.

Jeered as the batter struck out.

Cheered as the runner on third stretched toward home.

Jeered at the pop up to first base.

Cheered as the league leading hitter stepped up to the plate.

Jeered as the pitcher on the mound shook off the sign from his catcher,

wound-up, launched 

a changeup.

Fan frenzy drowned out the crack of the bat.

Jubilation ovation followed the ball’s championship flight 

over the right field fence into the status of  glory day.

Poetic Asides Poetry Prompts 2020

April 1 – new world

April 2 – space

April 3 – follow _________

April 4 – wish

April 5 – moment

April 6 – trap

April 7 – (2 4 Tuesday) – lucky and/or unlucky

April 8 – future

April 9 – ekphrastic

April 10 – the ______ who _______

April 11 – control

April 12 – spirit

April 13 – purpose

April 14 – ( 2 4 Tuesday)   form and/or anti-form

April 15 – dream

April 16 – The Last ________

April 17 – exotic

April 18 – message

April 19 – 6 words:   fixture, lonely, embrace, howl, bump, resolve

April 20 – isolation

April 21 – (2 4 Tuesday)  love and/or anti-love

April 22 – quirk

April 23 – social _________

April 24 – nature

April 25 – remix

April 26 –   change

April 27 –    massive

April 28 – (2 for Tuesday)   Look Back / Don’t Look Back

April 29 – Total    _____________

April 30 –  Praise


Transplanted Love

Broken hearted child 

kept her love in the jar

on the shelf by the back door.

She grabbed a handful

and stuffed it into her pocket

every time she went out

into the world 

she loved.

Her broken heart leaked,

so she safeguarded her love

in the jar.

Dependent on another 

to mend

this broken hearted child

grew to be a young woman

who kept her love in the jar

on the shelf by the back door

in anticipation of a heart

transplanted unbroken

donated as a vessel for her love.


An ampersand

is a funky little symbol

that hooks up you & me

in an offbeat matter of fact

testimony to our blend of dissonance

& somehow creates perfect harmony

& remixes our idiosyncrasies

into a concerto of heart strings.

Out of Context

Though I spoke to you in plain English

precise words chosen

nothing left open to interpretation,

when I said I loved you

for your kindness and compassion

as a friend, 

not a lover,

you heard only

I loved you,

in isolation

out of context.

With nothing more to explain,

I said goodbye.

I heard your argument,

“You said you loved me.”

I closed the door.

Sadly misinterpreted 

I walked away alone.