A Lavender Lilac Among Forsythia
Along the fence
in my backyard,
a lilac
festooned with purple blossoms
reveled in the vivacious yellow
blooms of forsythia.
While a cool wind jazzed the saxophone,
birds improvised in the trees.
Each lilac sway
scented the world lavender
to the delight of the crowd
gathered to celebrate


Drawn by the wail of a steel guitar

I wandered

through a bittersweet haze down the hallway,

drifted into a ballroom,

stood in the middle of the dance floor.

A tuxedoed waiter appeared,

presented a slender crystal champagne flute.

I sipped wailing water

and sang along with the blues.

A man in a lavender leisure suit

took my hand,

I danced with the devil

in the depth of despair,

regret and remorse

the rhythm of my heartache.

An expression of sorrow

this lament of mine,

determined to do penance

for missed opportunities.

The devil’s grip

coerced me to tango,

My feet followed his lead,

while my eyes

desperately sought the door

that was supposed to open

when one closed.

Book Report

It’s due tomorrow,

I saw the reminder

written on the whiteboard.

I lamented.

Oh, why hadn’t I read a book?

I could have made time,

curled up in a chair,

sprawled out in bed,

gone to the library,

well, no – not the library.

I could have listened

to an audio book,

some famous actor

would have read to me.

I have no excuse,

just the lure of video games

to blame for my procrastination.

Now the book report

is due tomorrow.

Will my teacher know

I read the synopsis online?


but I hope not.

All-I-Can-Eat Buffet

Though I prefer a champagne brunch,

with waiters in tuxedos,

linen tablecloth, sterling silver,

china edged in gold,

omelettes, fresh fruit pastries with whipped creme fraiche,

and bottomless flutes of champagne,

my life is an All-I-Can-Eat for $6.95 Buffet,

for $3 extra, get peel and eat shrimp,

add $5 for a glass of house wine.

No one waits on me,

I help myself

to a healthy green salad, grilled chicken, vegetables,

steak, baked potato –

pass by the fried offerings and pasta,

though a pile of french fries invites a second look.

There is nothing gourmet here,

just common everyday food

some of it comfort, some of it heartache,

a daily dose of calorie needs or not.

The buffet is never boring,

additional choices every day.

Sometimes, I step way out of the ordinary

and wear my lavender lilac dress,

include the peel and eat shrimp,

and sip white wine from a plastic cup.

When I feel adventurous,

I make my own sundae for dessert.

I never fail to turn heads

when I speak a bit too harshly

to the child in front of me

who empties all the rainbow sprinkles

on her ice cream sundae –

again, there are none for me!

My life is an All-I-Can-Eat Buffet,

but I dream of a champagne brunch.

Extinguished Love

The flame of love’s candle

frolicked on the end of the wick,

scented my life bittersweet,

woke me in the middle of the night,

disrupted my dreams.

Anxious to fuel the warmth in my heart,

frantic to maintain the glow,

I sheltered passion from the wind.

But the flame flickered,

disillusion danced in the shadows

on the walls of my soul.

I questioned my devotion.

In the dim light of the flickering flame

I decided

love was not worth the effort needed

to protect its fire from the tempest

for its fragrance no longer appealed to me,

and the light had lost its dazzle.

With love’s flame extinguished,

I was happy alone in the dark.

Lemon-Lavender-Poppy Seed Cake

Leafing through the pages

of a magazine in the waiting room,

I am drawn to a photo of a

Lemon-Lavender-Poppy Seed Cake.

Delicate lilac blossoms

of buttercream frosting

tease my taste buds,

tempt me to read the directions.

Could I create such a cake?

The sugar sweet recipe

with classic cake ingredients

estimates a 20 minute prep time.

Hmmm ….. 20 minutes?

Dried culinary lavender?

Poppy seeds?

Ummm ….. Those aren’t in my kitchen.

Turn to page 88 for

how to

make the frosting flowers.

How? Too much trouble.

No longer tempted by

Lemon-Lavender-Poppy Seed Cake,

I lust for the mint center Oreo cookies

that wink at me from

a provocative picture on page 89.

No complex directions,

less than 10 seconds prep time,

and with a package in my kitchen cupboard

I will give in to temptation

the minute I get home.